Top 10 Internet Protecting Advises

Every year, the number of cybercrimes increases. In most cases, we don’t take it seriously because we are not well acknowledged how many threats around us. Blackmailing, doxing, hacking, bullying – this is only a small list of them. How to protect yourself from cyber threats? Simply follow these 10 advises:  

Use a Password Manager and Two-factor Authentication Wherever Possible

Use a strong password manager as, for example, Protectimus Crystal and change the passwords in all services to secure and unique for each account. It may take a little time, but you have to activate the two-factor authentication function for proper security.

  1. When Registering a New Email, Check If It Supports Two-factor Authentication

Not all email services provide 2FA. Therefore, when registering a new email, check what security levels it provides.

  1. Do Not Click on Suspicious Links in Emails

Did you receive an email with a link or attachment from an unknown sender? The easiest way to avoid becoming a victim of scammers is not following the links. Instead, open another tab and go to the company’s website indicated in the email and verify it.

  1. Use a VPN

Use a VPN to encrypt your Internet connection and act anonymously. There is no reason to act otherwise when it comes to protecting personal data.

  1. Do Not Use Public Wi-Fi Networks or Computers

Do not enter personal data while working on free Wi-Fi networks or use a VPN that encrypts the connection. Try to use only your computer or smartphone. Other people have access to computers in Internet cafes or hotels. They can install keyloggers or other malicious programs on them that will later cause you trouble.

  1. Install a Reliable Antivirus

A good antivirus increases the level of security of your data thanks to the protection against phishing, malware, and other cyber threats.

  1. Protect Your Router and Wi-Fi Network

Regardless of whether you use the network for private use or business, determining who and what is doing on your network is more important than ever, as unauthorized users may try to hack your system. Change the password of the administrator of the router and create a strong password for the Wi-Fi network.

  1. Install Security Updates

As soon as an update for your operating system appears, install it.

  1. Regularly Update All Applications for the Computer and Smartphone

In updated versions, security is often improved. Therefore, as soon as the update becomes available, we also recommend installing it.

  1. Use the HTTPS Protocol

When paying for something online, you need to make sure that the server supports the HTTPS secure data transfer protocol.

Following these simple tips will help you prevent your mailbox from being hacked. Beware and conscious and everything will be fine!


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